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Chakra Sets are great to use as part of a chakra rebalancing session, or just to use the crystals individually as part of your meditation technique. 

Each Chakra Set comes complete with 7 hand-selected crystals, 1 crystal for each of the 7 main chakras, along with guidance on each chakra, and then in a beautiful organza bag.

BONUS: An additional 3 Tumble Crystal Stones will be added to your Set so in total you will have 10 Crystal Stones altogether

Please note the size and shape of each of the crystal stones in your chakra set are all unique and individually chosen for you once you have placed your order. The organza color bag may differ from the pictures displayed here.

All products are blessed with Reiki Healing Energy and Theta Healing Downloads of love, joy, happiness, contentment, peace, and abundance in all areas of life, enabling you to fully feel these positive vibrations.

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